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New and Improved VP Cool Down Madditive

VP Racing Fuels introduces a new, improved formula for VP Cool Down, its popular coolant performance improver for high-performance radiator systems. Now included in VP’s portfolio of VP Madditive performance chemicals, Cool Down decreases cylinder head temperatures up to 50°F! “Cool Down increases coolant flow for better heat transfer while lubricating all the vital components […]

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S&W Performance Group to Announce Official VP Racing Fuels Dealer

The S&W Performance Group is pleased to announce they are an official VP Racing Fuels dealer. The entire VP product line including; Racing Fuels, SEF Small Engine Fuels, Additives ‘Maddatives’ and Performance Products such as Specialty Lubricants, Performance Chemicals, Traction Compounds and Fuel Handling Accessories are now available through S&W. Due to VP’s large distribution […]

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