Gear Oil, Red Line, Synthetic, 75W90NS, Quart

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  • Designed for transmissions and transaxles – helps to slow synchros for easier shifting across a broad temperature range
  • Muscle car applications like Ford Top Loader, Borg-Warner T-10, Super T-10 and Muncie transmissions
  • Contains extreme pressure additives like our 75W90 GL-5 oil, but lacks friction modifiers to balance slipperiness
  • Improved copper corrosion protection to prolong synchro life
  • Helps with lock-up on weak limited-slip differentials-compatible with Red Line Limited Slip Friction Modifier for tuning slippage
  • Also used with clutch-type LSDs in racing for maximum lock up

Typical Properties:

API Service Class GL 5+
SAE Viscosity Grade (Gear Oil) 75W90
Viscosity @ 100°C, cSt 15.6
Viscosity @ 40°C, cSt 90.4
Viscosity Index 185
Pour Point, °C -45
Pour Point, °F -49
Brookfield Viscosity @ -40°C, Poise 400 @-40°C

About Red Line Gear Oils

  • Full-synthetic formulas created from polyol ester base stocks, offer excellent lubrication under extreme conditions
  • High viscosity-index (VI) to provide relatively constant viscosity and film thickness with varying temperature change
  • Ester base stocks and friction modifiers provide additional slipperiness to lower operating temperatures by reducing the sliding friction in hypoid gears
  • Superior shear stability and reduced oxidation compared to other synthetics and conventional gear oils
  • Exceed API GL-5 specifications
  • Engineered to provide the highest degree of protection and improvement of differential efficiency for better mileage, longer drain intervals and less wear

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