Ignition Coil, Mallory, CT Pro, E-Core, 51KV, Red

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Mallory’s CT Pro ignition components have been designed specifically to survive harsh endurance racing conditions.

These powerful coils are fully encapsulated for extreme heat and vibration resistance, plus the extruded aluminum enclosure is anodized for a long-lasting finish and corrosion resistance.

Notes: Designed for use with Mallory CT Pro ignition boxes only.

Part Number: MAA-30460
Coil Wire Attachment: Male/HEI
Coil Style: E-core
Primary Resistance: 0.500 ohms
Coil Internal Construction: Epoxy
Coil Color: Red
Maximum Voltage: 51,000 V
Turns Ratio: 99:1
Secondary Resistance: 8.99K ohms
Inductance: 5.6 mH
Peak Current: 260 mA
Spark Duration: 250 uS
Mounting Bracket Included: Yes
Coil Wire Included: No
Ballast Resistor Included: No
Coil Shape: Square

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Weight 3.3 lbs

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