Racing Muffler, Moroso Spiral Flow


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Innovative baffles are specially tuned to reduce the backpressure of high-volume exhaust systems.

Using advanced gas dynamics and sophisticated noise cancellation acoustics, Moroso engineers have developed these Spiral Flow racing mufflers. The specially engineered spiral baffle design is unaffected by heat, less restrictive, and more efficient than fiberglass/steel wool packed mufflers. The spiral baffles are wrapped around a “straight-through” core that divide the exhaust flow into two separate paths. This significantly reduces noise levels with minimal effect on the backpressure.

Manufactured for durability from high grade steel with continuous welds for leak-free sealing. They have a round tube case with centered inlets and outlets.


  • Reduced noise levels with minimal back pressure
  • 5-7 db drop over open collector headers
  • Flow 850 cfm
  • 4″ diameter, 12″ body, 18″ overall length
  • all steel construction

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