Ignition Package, Mallory CT Pro Ignition, Plus CT Pro Coil



Mallory's CT Pro ignition boxes have been designed specifically to survive harsh endurance racing conditions.

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Used Ignition Box, Mallory, CT Pro, Digital, ARCA Edition

The multi-spark capacitive discharge ignition boxes feature a digital processor for low-current draw with higher ignition output. The built-in, smooth-acting rev limiter will not upset the chassis, and is pre-set to 8800 RPM. The CT Pro ignition boxes are fully encapsulated for extreme heat and vibration resistance, and the 6-pin weatherproof plug-in connectors make for an easy installation.

Notes: Designed for use with magnetic pickup distributors only.

  • High Output Multi-Spark
  • Digital Processor
  • Super Smooth Rev Limiter, Preset to 8800 RPM
  • Fully Encapsulated Ignition Box
  • Advanced Heat Dissipation Technology
  • Lower Current Draw
  • Improved Timing Accuracy
  • Extreme Vibration and Heat Resistance

Primary Output Voltage: 470 Volts
Secondary Output Voltage: 45,000 Volts
Spark Energy: 100mJ
Current Draw per 1,000 RPM: .6 Amps
Operating Voltage Required: 8-16 Volts
Recommended Coil: MAA-30460


Used Ignition Coil, Mallory, CT Pro, E-Core, 51KV, Red

These powerful coils are fully encapsulated for extreme heat and vibration resistance, plus the extruded aluminum enclosure is anodized for a long-lasting finish and corrosion resistance.

Notes: Designed for use with Mallory CT Pro ignition boxes only.

Coil Wire Attachment: Male/HEI
Coil Style: E-core
Primary Resistance: 0.500 ohms
Coil Internal Construction: Epoxy
Coil Color: Red
Maximum Voltage: 51,000 Volts
Turns Ratio: 99:1
Secondary Resistance: 8.99K ohms
Inductance: 5.6 mH
Peak Current: 260 mA
Spark Duration: 250 uS
Mounting Bracket Included: Yes
Coil Wire Included: No
Ballast Resistor Included: No
Coil Shape: Square