Holley Unveils 1250HP Super Sniper 4150

Holley/MSD is pleased to announce the release of Sniper EFI’s High-Horsepower Super Sniper 4150 in two versions – one with eight 100 pound-per-hour injectors for forced-induction engines making 1,250 horsepower (or naturally aspirated engines making up to 700 horsepower), and one with four 100 pound-per-hour injectors for engines making up to 650 horsepower. Both have built-in single-stage progressive nitrous control, so there’s no need for the unnecessary added expense of a separate nitrous controller.

Looking to convert your blow thru carbureted turbo engine to EFI? Look no further than Holley for the Super Sniper 4150 EFI systems featuring 8,100LB/HR Fuel Injectors capable of supporting up to 1250 HP on forced induction or dry nitrous applications.

Ideal for converting blow-through-carburetor turbocharged engines to EFI, the high-horsepower Super Sniper 4150 is equally suitable for draw-through and blow-through forced-induction engines. These bolt-on EFI conversions feature a user-friendly boost control with handheld adjustability and a fully programmable target air/fuel ratio per boost level. Advanced boost control is available through free downloadable Sniper EFI tuning software, including boost-vs.-rpm and boost-vs.-time – the same boost control that has become so popular with Holley HP and Dominator EFI. Compatible with both wet and dry nitrous systems, they also feature programmable inputs and outputs, time-based or RPM-based timing retard, a USB/CAN tuning cable, and even a lean/rich AFR cutoff.

Is your combination not producing that much horsepower? No problem, Holley also offers a 650 HP four injector version for lower horsepower applications with a power adder or someone just needing additional sensor inputs. Did we mention the Super Sniper also has full nitrous control built-in? That’s right, no need for a separate nitrous controller! Every Super Sniper EFI system also comes with a USB to CAN tuning cable, as well as free downloadable Sniper EFI Software to give you unlimited control of your engine.

1250hp version Features:

  • 1250 HP version features eight 100 Lb/Hr Injectors
  • 800 CFM Main Body will support 700 Horsepower Naturally Aspirated
  • Compatible with Draw thru or blow thru forced induction applications
  • Built-in Single stage progressive nitrous control
  • Programmable inputs and outputs
  • Integrated ignition timing control for precise timing curves
  • Only 4 Wiring Connections Required!
  • Internal fuel pressure regulator eliminates the hassle of plumbing an external fuel pressure regulator
  • Self-tuning ECU means you don’t have to be a computer/tuning wiz to have EFI!
  • High-Resolution Full Color Touchscreen for initial Setup, Tuning, and Gauge Displays
  • Simple Calibration Wizard  – NO laptop required!
  • The included Genuine Bosch LSU 4.9 Wideband Oxygen Sensor provides real-time Fuel Map Learn!
  • OEM Style TPS/IAC and fuel pressure regulator, for years of dependable service
  • Included clamp-on oxygen sensor kit with Stainless Steel T-Bolt clamps and a Stainless Steel oxygen sensor flange
  • Throttle body mounted ECU – no extra boxes to mount
  • USB to CAN Communication cable included for easy laptop tuning of advanced controls
  • Dual Pattern bolt on carburetor replacement, designed to fit 4150 Flange & Spread Bore manifolds
  • Compatible with Holley EFI analog gauges and electronic dashes
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