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New and Improved VP Cool Down Madditive


VP Racing Fuels introduces a new, improved formula for VP Cool Down, its popular coolant performance improver for high-performance radiator systems. Now included in VP’s portfolio of VP Madditive performance chemicals, Cool Down decreases cylinder head temperatures up to 50°F!

“Cool Down increases coolant flow for better heat transfer while lubricating all the vital components without the crystallization you find with other coolant additives,” said Bruce Hendel, Director of Sales-Consumer Products. “It won’t harm radiators or water pumps and it’s approved by most race sanctioning bodies.”

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New HiPo Slip-Tube Wheelie Bar from S&W


The addition of S&W’s new High Performance Adjustable Slip-Tube Wheelie Bar has increased S&W’s wheelie bar offering to 33 unique models. The HiPo wheelie bar is purpose built for powerful and demanding drag race cars. The slip-tube construction bar features a floating “X-Member” on the lower struts. It is offered as an unwelded kit or as a welded unit. Maximum length is 80″ and Maximum width is 28.” Both length and width can be narrowed to suit the racers needs. Upper & Lower struts are made of 1 1/4″ x .065 Chrome Moly.

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New G-Body Control Arm Braces from BMR


Launching harder, reducing wheel hop, and adding cornering consistency to your 1978-1987 GM G-body is easy with Control Arm Reinforcement Braces from BMR Suspension. Stamped steel sections of the factory frame can deflect under load and change the rearend geometry. BMR’s Control Arm Reinforcement Braces (RB003) attach to the inner upper and lower control arm mounts, adding strength to the areas that are prone to deflection.

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